21. Fellowship – With One Another

(koinonia – common, partner, sharing)

John 1:7 But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin.

This word, “koinonia” is one my favorite words in the New Testament.

I came to Christ at fifteen years old and it was the tail end of the famous “Jesus Movement.” Don’t ask to to explain what all that means I just know that in the mid-sixties and throughout the seventies there was a sovereign move of God among the youth in the United States. I always thought it was kind of a heavenly response to the hippy movement. I found out the love was not free, it was extremely costly. And that sex outside of God’s instructions were devastating to individuals and families.

Anyways, the word Koinonia was hip and cool and I loved it! It’s translated “fellowship,” but I’m not sure most people really know or use the word. It’s simply means a common partnership. I get partnership.

I came into Christianity really believing that these folks that said they “loved” me were out for our common good. At first it was all about them helping me grow and learn about God and the body of Christ (the church). But one day in the near future I was planning on giving back big time. After a couple of years I was teaching those same adult’s teenagers. Then, for awhile, I was their teen’s Youth Pastor. Then, as I grew, I married, buried, cried, taught, corrected and loved those same teens (now adults) even as they began to have their own children. In fact, for that small investment those first Christian adults made into my life, I’d say I’ve given ten-times that amount back to their children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren.

I have always seen the church as a community of “fellowship” or partnerships.

Is John giving us somewhat of a litmus test of Christianity? IF we walk in the light…then we have this fellowship with one another. The partnership is automatically created with the commitment to Christ. If fellowship is a problem, doesn’t it make sense that walking in the light would be a problem as well?

I think it would be best to see each other as God sees us…as common partners.

Do you see yourself as a partner with the family of God? Trying to find ways to help each other toward the common good of being like Jesus? Who are your partners? Who are you a partner to? How’s the partnership going? Is someone else giving a proportionately greater effort into your life than you are giving back? I know, it’s not a competition, but seriously are we acting like partners?

Prayer: God, it’s simple. If I’m going to walk with you I better do it with some partners. So now I need to figure out who I can work with to be more like you and help them do the same. Maybe you could help point out some possibilities for me?

Next week – Confess

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