A Seed of Hope in Toxic Soil

Most family trees are pictured as mighty oaks, but Glenn refers to his as a cactus: “There’s branches, but you’re bound to get poked looking around.” It’s easy to see why Glenn — with two moms and three dads — describes his background this way. Glenn hasn’t seen his birth mother since the day he was born. His birth father was a sporadic presence, in and out of rehab recovering from addictions. His adoptive father, an alcoholic, committed suicide when Glenn was twelve. His adoptive mother’s fear of living alone made way for “Psychopath Ben,” Glenn’s controlling stepfather. Though Glenn’s family didn’t provide him with much hope for the future, everything changed when Glenn, as a teenager, made the decision to follow Christ.

God has redefined Glenn’s understanding of “family”— demonstrating His fatherly love through positive examples of husbands and fathers in the Church. It took five adults to mess up his life, but only one Jesus to transform it!

The fruit born of this transformation is extraordinary. Glenn and his wife, Robin, have been married for 29 years and blessed with three children: David (25) and his wife Ally, Matthew (22), and Janae (19). After establishing and directing the second Royal Family KIDS Camp, Glenn serves today as Vice President of Camps for Royal Family KIDS. He considers his job — challenging adults to give of their time, talent, and treasure on behalf of the fatherless — as that of a “hopebroker.” Just as some folks buy and sell stocks, he makes transactions of hope using the currency of God’s love.




“How wonderful to read stories of hope and transformation amidst encounters of abuse! While sharing vulnerably of his personal history, Glenn helps the reader better understand the trauma of abuse. Biblical passages are viewed through another lens and, all the while, we are both encouraged and challenged to respond. This book is moving, challenging, inspiring, thought-provoking and hope-giving.”
Becca C. Johnson, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
RFK Camp Director
Author, Speaker, Trainer, Psychologist
Author of For Their Sake; Good Guilt, Bad Guilt; Overcoming Emotions that Destroy (with Chip Ingram)

“Glenn’s life story is a story of healing, hope and triumph. He has reached out to thousands of children to help them experience the love of God. His example of a humble, dedicated, Christ-like servant of God has put a smile on the faces of children who thought that they would never smile again. Glenn’s ministry to children can best be described by the words that James writes about the life of Abraham, “…Abraham believed God; and God counted him as righteous because of his faith. He was even called the friend of God.” James 2:23 (NLT). This book is an amazing testimony of God’s faithfulness and a beautiful story of how His grace is woven through the tapestry of a life. You will be encouraged and challenged when you read Glenn’s story.”
Rich Guerra
Southern California District Assemblies of God Superintendent

“I do not cry. Despite many years hearing the saddest stories of helpless little victims of abuse, I never cry. I have experienced so much pain, and have absorbed the terror and pain of so many others, that I didn’t think I had any more tears in me. Then I read A Seed Of Hope In Toxic Soil. Glenn only alludes to the depth of the terror and the pain of the experiences, but having lived it, I read between those lines and my stomach clenched up. Suddenly, surprisingly, my eyes were leaking. But rather than leave me there, Glenn, The Giant Killer, led me gently to a hope-filled place and left me with a smile and an encouragement to strive to live The Kingdom Dream. Glenn, you are a Purveyor of Hope. You did this well.”
Rhonda Sciortino,
Author, Speaker, Real Estate Investor and Foster Care Advocate
Author of Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through

“I met Glenn years ago when he joined Royal Family KIDS, to work alongside Wayne Tesch, one of my great friends and colleagues. Glenn’s life-story has intrigued me on many levels. As I think about the significant challenges he had to face, the enormous obstacles he had to overcome … the physical pain, the emotional trauma, the unanswered questions of his heart, the issues of his faith he had to wrestle with … I’m once again in awe of the never-failing grace of God. I’m amazed and inspired at how God rescued this young man and used these very same life-experiences to empower him to reach out to abused, abandoned, and neglected children today. And, I am sure that as you read A Seed of Hope in Toxic Soil, you’ll come to realize those things too. To God be the glory, for the things He has done!”
E. Dale Berkey, Ph.D.
Co-Founder, President
BBS & Associates

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